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The Way of the Gun

Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Benicio Del Toro
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Genre: Thriller
Year: 2000
Rating: 4 / 5

Reviewed by Guest Scribe Godking

The Way of the Gun is a simple kidnap movie. That is perhaps the best description of the film's plot and premise. Just as the Wild Bunch is a simple western…

Ever seen Fight Club? Ever seen a movie that surprises you both with the innate promise of the brutality of human life and the innate realization that there is always hope - or maybe even a shot at redemption? Not forgiveness, but personal redemption. Who really believes that forgiveness awaits those who have truly sinned? Could God be so shortsighted as to wipe the slate clean from one good act after a lifetime of evil? Is there even a God, and would he care that you lived by the gun?

The Way of the Gun could best be thought of as the morality of the gunslingers. Their morality is an acceptance that their lives will by definition be encompassed in betrayal, death, pain, and amorality. A code of behaviors that once set in motion cannot be stopped. A code so rigid that, when the game is finally over, you do not say, "I am sorry I lived this way." You stare God in the eyes and say, "What else did you expect?"

The "mainstream" media lies about this movie. They call it bloody, they call it senseless, and the film takes it up the ass from the forces of political correctness. They never mention the sanctity of human life, nor the ability of man to chose his destiny. In short, they miss the point - like a blind guy in an art museum. Is this movie a bad influence? Only if you want to be a criminal more than you want to commit crimes. Only if you refuse to accept the day of reckoning to come.

As this movie reached its climax, I saw The Magnificent Seven and The Wild Bunch. I debated the outcome I wanted for most of the last twenty minutes of the movie, and I will say I was not disappointed. Until that day…


Ryan Phillippe..........Parker
Benicio Del Toro..........Longbaugh
Juliette Lewis..........Robin
Taye Diggs..........Jeffers
Nicky Katt..........Obecks
James Caan..........Joe Sarno

Certification: Rated R for violence and language.
Running Time: 118 minutes.

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