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Twin Peaks

Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean
Director: David Lynch
Genre: Drama
Year: 1990
Rating: 3 / 5

Almost any television viewer knows of the series Twin Peaks. Unfortunately for director David Lynch and his quirky cast, precious few people actually tuned in to watch. Those who did, however, are intensely loyal, which is why the series and the television movie which spawned it are still talked about ten years later. Lynch is considered alternately a visionary genius or a strange, confused man, depending on one's perspective. Without a doubt, however, Twin Peaks was one of the defining moments of early-nineties television, and its impact cannot be understated. Featuring strikingly memorable characters and some peculiar supernatural elements, Twin Peaks is a film which must be experienced as well as seen.

The small town of Twin Peaks, secluded in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, is rocked with the discovery of a body on the outskirts of town. Called in to investigate, Sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean) learns that the body is that of Laura Palmer, the most popular and loved member of the local high school. Her naked body is found wrapped in plastic, lying by the edge of the water. Shortly after this, a classmate of Laura's, beaten and raped, stumbles back into town. With her appearance, Sheriff Truman calls for assistance, bringing to town the enigmatic FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan).

Agent Cooper must deal with Laura's grieving parents - Leland (Ray Wise) and Sarah (Grace Zabriskie) - as well as her not-so-saddened boyfriend Bobby (Dana Ashbrook). As details are uncovered, it becomes apparent that, while Bobby may have been two-timing Laura, she was not so faithful herself. The answer to the mystery of her death might lie with the identity of her other lover, the rebellious biker James Hurley (James Marshall). One thing is for certain - the town of Twin Peaks has never known a disaster like this, and, before things are over, the town's dirty laundry will be on full display and Agent Cooper just might have himself a murderer.

Director David Lynch delivers a mesmerizing story, capably aided by composer Angelo Badalamenti's eerie score. The commercially available Twin Peaks is designed to function as a stand-alone entity, so fans wishing to enjoy the full series should be advised to treat the film's final fifteen minutes as an ominous dream sequence. The unique and unusual characters drive this film, including the Log Lady and (my personal favorite) the Man From Another Place. Lynch shows us a world of intriguing subplots, two-faced townsfolk, and unexplained occurrences. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Twin Peaks.


Kyle MacLachlan..........Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean..........Harry Truman
Lara Flynn Boyle..........Donna Hayward
James Marshall..........James Hurley

Certification: Not Rated.
Running Time: 105 minutes.

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