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Dangerous Beauty

Starring: Catherine McCormack, Rufus Sewell
Director: Marshall Herskovitz
Genre: Drama
Year: 1998
Rating: 3 / 5

For those who have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the Outer Circle Theatre at 4849 Wisconsin Avenue, across the street from the more famous, yet more accident-prone, 5100 Wisconsin Theatre, do make the time when next you visit our nation's capital. Do this for one reason alone - this theatre is the last one in the free world that still serves Swedish Fish!

Dangerous Beauty, known solely for starring random actors we've all heard of but who would not actually qualify as famous, is spearheaded by Ms. McCormack of Braveheart fame, supported quite well by Fred Ward (Tremors), Oliver Platt (Three Musketeers, Flatliners), and Moira Kelly (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me). It is a tale of a young woman denied the right to live with the man she loves becuase of her station in life. She has no recourse but to become a courtesan, famed Venician women of the night. She proceeds to share the company of many great men of power, yet the void in her heart remains vast.

Will she find love in the arms of the man of her dreams? Or will societal forces conspire to forever keep them apart? Co-starring as well newcomer Rufus Sewell, recently seen in Dark City with legendary actor Keifer Sutherland.


Catherine McCormack..........Veronica Franco
Rufus Sewell..........Marco Venier
Jacqueline Bisset..........Paola Franco
Oliver Platt..........Maffio Venier
Fred Ward..........Domenico Venier
Moira Kelly..........Beatrice Venier

Certification: R for sexuality, nudity, and language.
Running Time: 111 minutes.

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