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The Immortals

Starring: Eric Roberts
Director: Brian Grant
Genre: Drama
Year: 1995
Rating: 1 / 5

Can a really bad movie be redeemed by one cool scene? Can a five-minute display of genius override an hour and a half of utter malaise? If one is speaking of The Immortals, the answer is, unfortunately, "No." Director Brian Grant's 1995 crime drama assembles an impressive collection of C-List talent - Eric Roberts, Tia Carrere, and William Forsythe, to name but a few - but is unable to ever truly engross the viewer. Aside from a brilliant Mexican standoff that occurs just over halfway through the film, The Immortals is a jumbled mess, complete with a convoluted plot, an ambiguous villain, and no compelling characters.

Jack (Eric Roberts) has amassed a team of relatively inexperienced criminals to pull off the simultaneous, four-part heist. The local crime syndicate has five known "drops," where money is stored in locked safes. Jack brings his eight felons together and splits them up into four two-person teams, partnerships crafted to prevent any pair from running off with their portion of the money. Once they have lifted the money from their respective drops, they are to meet at a centralized location, at which point the money will be divided amongst the eight thieves and Jack. These partnerships of quite unusual, but then, so is the gig set up by the enigmatic Jack.

It is not until all of the participants return that we begin to see the true nature of these crimes. Unbeknownst to the eight novice thieves, they are in fact stealing from Dominic (Tony Curtis), the city's most powerful mob gangster. His arrival on the scene leads us to the tension-filled confrontation that was alluded to earlier. In a kitchen beneath the rendezvous location, Jack and four of his group run into Dominic and four of his henchmen. What follows sounds almost like an Abbott & Costello routine, translated into a mafia film, of course. Each leader directs the members of his entourage to target an opponent, with the other matching him all the way, almost like a deadly chess game. Sadly, this sequence only serves to remind the viewer of what this film could have beenů

Eric Roberts, the older brother of film superstar Julia, was once considered a promising young actor, but those days seem to be a distant memory now. Nonetheless, due to Roberts' notoriety in B-movies, he does add a certain level of class to this otherwise rundown crew. Joe Pantoliano (Bound) really should know better, as he has actually starred in an acclaimed movie or two in the last few years. William Forsythe, on the other hand, has made a career of playing criminals opposite the likes of Steven Seagal, so this is actually right up his alley. The plot here is rather bland, and the movie's "twist" is wholly uninspiring, leaving it up to the characters to carry the film. That is a huge mistake, though not as large as renting The Immortals.


Eric Roberts..........Jack
Joe Pantoliano..........Pete
Tia Carrere..........Gina
Chris Rock..........Deke
William Forsythe..........Tim
Tony Curtis..........Dominic

Certification: Rated R for violence and language.
Running Time: 98 minutes.

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