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Eight Crazy Nights

Starring: Adam Sandler
Director: Seth Kearsley
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2002
Rating: 1 / 5

Reviewed by Guest Scribe Legend

Well, Adam Sandler has made some seriously funny movies in his career, but, unfortunately, this animated fiasco about the Festival of Lights goes down in flames. In Eight Crazy Nights, Sandler voices the main character, Davey Stone, as well as Whitey and Eleanor Duvall, the two main sources of laughs for the movie. Davey is a veritable Scrooge during the holidays who is well on his way to getting sent up the river. Whitey is the kindly old underappreciated basketball coach that tries to save Davey’s soul before it’s too late. Eleanor is Whitey’s sister, an owlish bald bespectacled trombone player.

The plot, if that word applies, is a simple predictable redemption story of how Davey turns his life around. Never mind that Davey is literally on his way to jail when he sees the light. The law enforcement community is pretty forgiving in this town, apparently. Besides the wafer-thin plot, this movie drowns in poor taste. There is tons of scatological humor. Who knew the short about Sandler’s dog defecating at the beginning of the film would actually be something of a preview? If you enjoy watching animals defecate, you might enjoy this film. If you enjoy seeing people covered in liquid feces, you might enjoy this film. If you enjoy seeing animals lick frozen feces, you might enjoy this film. Scenes like these that are repulsive simply throw away any redeemable quality this movie may have had.

Worse still, we must suffer through three to four corporate sellout scenes where we get plenty of lovely advertisements (and even a few songs) endorsing Foot Locker, Panda Express, Dunkin Donuts, The Sharper Image, and other shopping mall favorites. We’re even “treated” – please note the sarcasm – to an extraordinary psychedelic scene where neon characters jump out of the signs of their respective stores and interact with Davey. The only redeemable quality of this movie is the occasional humor which Sandler is bound to bring to the table regardless of how bad the movie is. Some of the songs are pretty funny, too. Alas, there is so little else that is likeable about Eight Crazy Nights that it cannot be recommended.


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Certification: Rated PG-13 for language.
Running Time: 86 minutes.

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