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Die Hard

Starring: Bruce Willis
Director: John McTiernan
Genre: Action
Year: 1988
Rating: 5 / 5

Die Hard is the quintessential action movie for any action fan out there, and being just such a fan, I am proud to say that Die Hard has held top honors in my own personal list of movies for going on five years. This fun-filled romp, which catapulted lead Bruce Willis from television (Moonlighting) to the big screen, has spawned two sequels and countless imitations. Bruce Willis succeeds where others before and since him have failed because he is able to portray the hero while retaining a bit of the classic "everyman." He is but one man, trapped in a high rise, facing unspeakable odds. And he does not plan on giving up.

As a New York cop married to a successful businesswoman now living in Los Angeles, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is invited to a Christmas party in California at his wife's firm. Shortly after McClane's arrival and reunion with his somewhat estranged wife, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his band of international terrorists arrive and seize control of the building and its occupants. All of its occupants except one, that is.

McClane finds himself roaming the hallways, rooftops, and elevator shafts of this thirty-story complex hoping to evade Gruber's henchmen and save the day. As this band of criminals continues to lay the groundwork for one of the most lucrative heists of our time, McClane struggles to merely stay alive. Down on the ground, Sergeant Al Powell is McClane's only contact with the outside world. Bumbling police chiefs and cocky FBI agents only make things more difficult, and McClane soon comes to realize that he might by the only chance the hostages have.

Featuring some incredible special effects, inspired gunplay, and some of Willis's trademark wit, Die Hard delivers from the opening minutes. Willis hooks the audience with his own combination of confidence and dry humor, leaving the audience cheering his every move. Holding his own, though, is veteran stage actor Alan Rickman, whose Hans Gruber just might be one of the best screen villains of the last twenty years. He adds class and an air of dignity to his character, never allowing himself to be rattled or stray from the plan. In so doing, he provides the perfect foil for Bruce Willis's brash, rugged New York cop. If you have not as yet had the opportunity to catch this movie, do so immediately. If you have, see it again. I certainly will...


Bruce Willis..........John McClane
Alan Rickman..........Hans Gruber
Bonny Bedelia..........Holly Gennero McClane
Alexander Godunov..........Karl
Reginald Vel Johnson..........Sgt. Al Powell
William Atherton..........Thornburg

Certification: Rated R for violence.
Running Time: 131 minutes.

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