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Bad Boys

Starring: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith
Director: Michael Bay
Genre: Action / Comedy
Year: 1995
Rating: 5 / 5

As buddy movies go, the Lethal Weapon movies may garner the majority of the attention from the last decade, but neither Lethal Weapon nor anything else in recent years can come close to the pairing of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in Bad Boys. This action-comedy, helmed by red-hot director Michael Bay (The Rock, Armageddon), is one non-stop ball of laughs and gunfire. When the movie's two main stars are not exchanging pot shots at each other, they are dodging bullets, fleeing from drug lords, and in general just trying to stay alive.

Bad Boys is set in Miami, where two local cops, Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Smith), fresh off a "career drug bust," are pushed back onto the front lines when the heroin they recently impounded turns up missing again. Someone has apparently broken into the police storage lockers, stolen $100 million in heroin, and is due to have it shipped within four days. That is how long Lowrey and Burnett have to find the perpetrators and return the drug money to safe-keeping. Left without a clue as to the identity of the criminals, the two officers turn up a fresh lead when one of the criminal party, intent on enjoying his newfound loot, is shot and killed, along with a prostitute, by the head bad guy, Fouchet (Tcheky Karyo), for insubordination. The catch: there is a witness, Julie Mott (Tea Leoni), best friend of the deceased woman, Max. Before her untimely death, Max told Julie that, if ever there was something she needed help with, Mike Lowrey was the man to see.

As the plot builds here, so, too, do the laughs. Julie will only talk to Mike, yet, when she calls the station, with Mike nowhere to be found, she threatens to skip town. So ensues a role reversal of comedic proportions, as family man Marcus is forced to pretend to be the ever-smooth playboy Mike, and Mike is left to contend with Marcus' family. Martin Lawrence doing his best Will Smith impersonation is worth the cost of the movie in its own right, but the laughs do not stop there.

Bad Boys features some of the best one-liners ever, delivered in the same rapid-fire fashion as the action which rushes across the screen. Tea Leoni adds heaps of spunk as the vengeance-minded witness, trying not to get too much in the way of her two new cop friends. Joe Pantoliano is uproarious as Captain Howard, the precinct supervisor, trading insults and barbs with his two wise-cracking detectives. You would be hard-pressed to find a better bang for your buck in the action-comedy genre. Bad Boys, Bad Boys. Whatcha gonna do?

Martin Lawrence..........Marcus Burnett
Will Smith..........Mike Lowrey
Tea Leoni..........Julie Mott
Joe Pantoliano..........Captain Howard
Tcheky Karyo..........Fouchet
Theresa Randle..........Theresa Burnett

Certification: Rated R for violence and language.
Running Time: 118 minutes.

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