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American Pie

Starring: Jason Biggs, Chris Klein
Director: Paul Weitz
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1999
Rating: 4 / 5

The Porky's of the Y Generation? This is the tagline applied to American Pie, Paul Weitz's coming-of-age teen sex comedy. Is this comparison appropriate, and is it a good thing? Director Weitz gathers some of Hollywood's up-and-coming young stars and crafts a lewd, vulgar, offensive, andů surprisingly intelligent film that appeals to all that is pertinent to high school in America. Okay, so maybe American Pie is not an accurate depiction of everyone's high school experience - certainly not my own - but it is a raunchy tale with loads of humor and an actual touch of wholesome goodness at the end. All of this combines to make it a teen sex comedy for the 1990s and a monumental improvement over Porky's.

American Pie takes us right back to high school, a couple weeks before the Senior Prom. Eagerly awaiting this life-changing event, and eager to finally lose their virginity, are four boys from very different walks of life: goofy Jim (Jason Biggs), reluctant jock Oz (Chris Klein), devoted boyfriend Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), and reclusive nerd Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas). Not one of these boys knows where he is going in the coming years, yet they all know one thing for certain - they will not graduate as virgins. Come hell or high water, no matter what level of degradation is involved, these four pals are determined to succeed.

Aside from that little snippet, the plot to this film takes a back seat to the endless slew of over-the-top, hilarious scenes. Every bodily fluid joke that could be tossed into this film finds a home for itself, and a virtual army of taboos are struck down when Jim's father (Eugene Levy, with some rolling-on-the-floor scenes) confronts his son about the facts of life as pertains to sex. Situations one would not wish on his worst enemy are day-to-day occurrences for poor Jim, who is constantly embarrassed in the presence of his rather understanding father. These four gents are anything but the slime of the earth, although they do defy sound logic in their quest for their "goal."

American Pie warrants the following disclaimer, however: this film is not for everyone. Some will no doubt be offended by the crass, sexual humor, while others will surely be irked by the callous - and very real - portrayal of high school society. If you can stomach the aforementioned aspects, you will surely be laughing yourself silly at some of the many uncomfortable, unconscionable moments. In the end, after all the laughter and all the excessive sexual references, this film gets back to basics, telling of four high school boys who do right by themselves and their ladies. And what is more American than that?


Jason Biggs..........Jim
Chris Klein..........Oz
Thomas Ian Nicholas..........Kevin
Seann William Scott..........Stifler
Eddie Kaye Thomas..........Finch
Mena Suvari..........Heather
Natasha Lyonne..........Jessica
Tara Reid..........Vicky
Alyson Hannigan..........Michelle
Shannon Elizabeth..........Nadia

Certification: Rated R for sexual situations and language.
Running Time: 95 minutes.

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