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There's Something About Mary

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Matt Dillon
Director: Bobby Farrelly & Peter Farrelly
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1998
Rating: 4 / 5

There's Something About Mary may seem to be just another romp from the comedic pairing of Bobby and Peter Farrelly (Dumb & Dumber), for it does feature their trademark no-hold-barred sense of humor. However, Mary, which has received the critical acclaim previous Farrelly films have not, is the first which can actually be considered a movie for everyone. (Well, almost everyone...)

Sophmoric does not begin to describe some of the humorous scenes in this movie, nor will words do them justice. This is the sort of movie which will have people rolling in the aisles laughing, even though they might not want to admit to it afterwards. Featuring jokes on every subject from masturbation to "love blisters," There's Something About Mary boldly goes where few comedies have gone before, and then it stretches the boundaries even farther.

Ted Stroehmann (Ben Stiller) is the movie's hero, and we are first introduced to him as a sixteen year old nerd, who miraculously is able to obtain a prom date with Mary Jensen (Cameron Diaz), the most beautiful girl in school. On the night of the prom, however, Ted runs into a slight mishap in his date's bathroom. Without ruining the surprise of this moment, let me just say that the police and fire departments are called in, and Ted is wheeled off to the emergency room, leaving Mary emotionally crushed on the sidewalk.

Flash forward thirteen years, and we find Ted, who has not heard from Mary since that fateful night, in a going-nowhere job, with no girlfriend and no prospects. Ted has never been able to get over Mary, so on the advice of his best friend Tom (Chris Elliott), Ted hires Pat Healy (Matt Dillon), a local private investigator, to hunt down Mary. Pat Healy's search leads him to Florida, where chaos soon ensues. It seems that everyone wants Mary, the sweetest, most beautiful woman in the world, and men will do almost anything to win her.

It would be hard to say that anyone other than the Farrelly brothers could be the star of this movie, but my vote goes to Matt Dillon. Having recently seen Dillon play the opposite end of the spectrum in Wild Things, it was hilarious to see him play a socially-inept, lying conman, with absolutely zero tact. Watch for a scene where Pat Healy describes to Mary why he has become involved with disadvantaged children. The second biggest hoot of the movie, as indicated in most of the movie's advance billing, is Mary's pet dog, who has a wild time tormenting Ted.

There's Something About Mary is truly a riot, though it does have the ability to be excessively offensive. No group, no organization, is spared the comedic jabs of the Farrelly brothers. I myself was quite surprised at some of the targets of their humor, for some shots clearly miss the mark. Yet for the most part, the humor is dead-on. You will not be proud of yourself after this movie, but you will find yourself laughing right until the end.


Cameron Diaz..........Mary Jensen Matthews
Ben Stiller..........Ted Stroehmann
Matt Dillon..........Pat Healy
Chris Elliott..........Tom Woogejevsky
Jeffrey Tambor..........Sully

Certification: Rated R for strong sexual content and language.
Running Time: 118 minutes.

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